It’s our passion to give every dog a lovely, relaxed experience when they come to Lovely Chops Grooming. Having groomed dogs for over a decade, we know that dogs are happiest in a groomers when they are comfortable. So we groom all our dogs freehand on a grooming table where the dog is able to move freely and safely. 

Let dogs be dogs

We know that dogs tend to be happiest when they are covered in muck. They like to roll around in things and sometimes they have fleas. We won’t charge you extra if your dog has fleas. We won’t ask you to walk your dog before an appointment and if your dog has a toilet accident in the salon we don’t mind. Because dogs are dogs and this is why we love them!

One to one service

All our appointments are individual appointments so your dogs gets a one to one service. We have pens for dogs instead of cages, so they can sit safely and comfortably whilst waiting for you.

All dogs are welcome

Dogs can be smelly, knotty, have bad glands or sore ears. Some dogs are nervous, jumpy or grumpy. We get to know all our dogs and give them the individual care that they need. We have an accepting, non-judgmental approach to all dogs and we promise never to give you or your dog a hard time.

Flexible Look

We are happy to give your dog the hair style you want so please ask if you have something specific in mind.

Easy Pick Up

We understand you are busy so we allow you to pick up your dog at any time that suits you during the day!

Lovely Chops

In our world, a dog’s jowles is called a chop. Therefore we believe in dogs having lovely, groomed, smiling chops as well as having the loveliest hair chops possible!

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